Amalia Nichifor

Hometown: Cincinnati, OH    |    Major: Marketing, Business Analytics

Hey! My name is Amalia Nichifor and I am the president of the Chi Omega Pi Alpha Chapter! I am a senior (sad) majoring in Marketing and minoring in Business Analytics. In my free time and in a non-COVID world, I love going to spin classes, concerts, and traveling! Chi Omega has allowed me to grow so much throughout college and given me the best support system and friends I could ever ask for! Please reach out to me if you have any questions about our chapter!

Vice President

Sarah Adams

Hometown: Lexington, KY    |    Major: Nursing 

Hi! I’m Sarah and I am Chi Omega’s Vice President. I spend a lot of my time studying or volunteering at Children's Hospital; but when I’m not doing that, I’m exploring Cincinnati with my friends looking for new things to do or new restaurants to try (I’m a major foodie)! Through Chi O I have met so many inspirational people that have shown me the type of woman I aspire to be. Chi O has pushed me outside of my comfort zone in the best way possible!


Riley Renner

Hometown: Orville, OH    |    Major: Civil Engineering

Hey ya'll. I'm Riley and I'm the secretary for Chi Omega. This basically means I make sure girls know when events are and keep attendance and points. When I am not at Chi O or focusing on my engineering degree, I love to read or make art. But I mostly just end up hanging with my Chi O girls or with my friends I've met through other Chi O's. When I moved to UC I barely knew anyone. Chi Omega has helped me meet all of my friends and encouraged me to be a serious girl boss!


McKenna Johnson

Hometown: Cincinnati, OH    |    Major: Finance 

I'm McKenna and I have the pleasure of serving as Treasurer of Chi Omega. In my position I handle all of Pi Alpha's finances, such as overseeing the budget, collecting dues, and financing all of our AMAZING programming! When I'm not hanging out at the Chi O cottage you can catch me cheering on the Bearcats, hanging out with friends, or doing the New York Times crossword puzzle. Chi Omega has given me my best friends, biggest role models, and most supportive cheerleaders. 

New Member Educator

Gwen Constand

Hometown: Blue Ash, OH    |    Major: Marketing and Sales

Hello my name is Gwen!! Somethings to know about me are that I am all about the late night car ride karaokes with my friends, discovering new coffee shops, and going to small concerts of local bands in Cincinnati. Random dance parties are also very encouraged in my life! Meeting new people is one of my favorite things to do and Chi Omega has immensely fueled that passion! It has provided me an insanely diverse group of girls to become friends with and I am so thankful for that! I can't wait to meet our newest Pledge Class this fall! 

Recruitment Chair

Priyanka Vemuru

Hometown: Perrysburg, OH    |    Major: Medical Sciences, Spanish

I'm Priyanka and I've been on the recruitment team the last three years and it's my favorite experience from all of college! I'm in charge of organizing our recruitment events for formal and informal recruitment so we can get the best new member classes! Being able to meet all the girls going through recruitment and see their excitement paired with the experience and wisdom of active members is so fun and rewarding. Because of Chi O, I have never in my life been surrounded by so many incredible, talented, and passionate women. I am constantly amazed and inspired by the achievements these girls make every week.

Personnel Chair

Corinne Black

Hometown: Loveland, OH    |    Major:  Marketing and PR

I'm Corinne and I'm in charge of risk, standards, and membership for the chapter! I am the biggest fan of UC, this campus, and Cincinnati in general. My favorite thing to do is laugh with friends and hang outside (the porch and my eno are the best). I also love both playing and watching sports! I love Chi O because I have never felt more myself and more confident around any other group of girls. I have made life long friends who double as study buddies and role models. I couldn't be more thankful!

Panhellenic Delegate

Jenna Maxwell

Hometown: Cincinnati, OH    |    Major: Pre - OT, Psychology, Nutrition

My name is Jenna and I'm a 4th year at UC! As Chi O's Panhellenic Delegate, I communicate between my sorority and others, and am involved in the decision-making processes of the Panhellenic community! I love Chi Omega because of the women it surrounds me with. While we all share many of the same values, we are all different in our own unique ways. I’ve had a lot more laughs and life changing experiences because of my sisters. They’ve helped me grow as a person and truly find myself over the past 3 years and I cannot be more thankful.

Facilities Manager

Kendall Resseguie

Hometown: Beavercreek, OH    |    Major: Secondary Education

Hi! My name is Kendall Resseguie and I’m a 3rd year at UC and in Chi O!! This year I am on exec as the facilities manager, which means I take care of keeping the house in check, paying bills, planning Tuesday night dinners, and working with our House Corp. In my free time I love to bake, read, watch movies, and do yoga! I have absolutely loved my time in Chi O and I am so thankful for the friendships it has brought me. I can’t wait for this upcoming year and for all the fun I am going to have with my Chi O sisters!

Director of Programming

Gretchen Mihaly

Hometown: Toledo, OH    |    Major: Communication Design, Fashion Design

Hi! I'm Gretchen and I am the Director of Programming for Chi Omega! As DOP, I handle the communication between the Executive Board and Cardinal Cabinet (where I previously serve as Director of Marketing). I love my job because I get to have a small part in every event Chi Omega puts on, and I get to see all of the behind the scenes action that makes our sorority so great! Outside of Chi O, you can find me taking pictures of everything, crafting with my roommates, exploring Cincinnati, or on a flight to Annapolis. Chi Omega has brought me lifelong friendships and incredible memories!


Director of Community Service

Claire Snider

Hometown: Ft. Thomas, KY    |    Major: Neuropsychology

I'm Claire, and as the Director of Community Service, I organize all of our philanthropy events throughout the year from Chi O Karaoke to S’mores sales! I get the privilege of working directly with Make-A-Wish to fundraise as much money as we can to grant a child with a life threatening illness their wish! Being able to directly meet our Wish Kids and their families are life experiences that I will never forget. My biggest passion is to use my voice in order to elevate those that don’t have the opportunity to use their own! I love Chi O because the constant support, encouragement, and love I’ve felt from my sisters is something I never knew i needed, but surely can’t live without now!

Director of Sisterhood

Avery Roedig

Hometown: Cincinnati, OH    |    Major: Early Childhood Education

Hi! My name is Avery Roedig and I’m the Director of Sisterhood for Chi Omega Pi Alpha at the University of Cincinnati. I am majoring in Early Childhood Education at UC and I absolutely love it. Chi O has given me endless opportunities to practice building relationships with others and meet friends who will last a lifetime. My favorite thing about Chi Omega is that we each have different talents and strengths that come to together to form this amazing group of women who better each other each day.

Director of Socials

Megan Riley

Hometown: Cincinnati, OH    |    Major: Marketing

I'm Megan and I plan our chapter's social events! These include formal, semi formal, and date parties. I also plan events with other chapters in the Panhellenic community (two, three, or four ways). Outside of Chi Omega I am involved in a student organization called SAC and a nonprofit called Cooperative for Education. I also enjoy hiking, reading, playing tennis, and watching soccer! I am so proud and thankful to be a Chi Omega. I am a better woman, student, friend, and sister because of this sisterhood!

Director of Campus Activities

Maggie Davis

Hometown: Southport, IN    |    Major: Accounting

Hi, I'm Maggie and I help find and plan activities around campus for our chapter to get involved in! After high school, I came to UC hoping to branch out from my Indiana roots and explore new opportunities in Cincy. I joined Chi Omega and met some of the most amazing and sensational friends I’ve ever had. I’m so thankful to be a part of a woman’s organization like this and I can’t wait for you to learn more about us! Outside of Chi O, I like to spend time with my friends and go on spontaneous adventures!

Director of Marketing

Maria Ciampone

Hometown: Cincinnati, OH    |    Major: Communication Design

I'm Maria and I run all things media related for Chi Omega! Catch my team and I running the Chi O social media accounts and website, designing fun t-shirts, and creating video content for Pi Alpha. Outside of Chi O, you can find me listening to crime podcasts, cheering on any Cincinnati sports team, or exploring new restaurants around the city with friends! Joining this chapter was the best decision of my life - it has given me my forever friends and allowed me to gain confidence and leadership experience!!

Director of Alumni Relations

Megan Haller

Hometown: Westerville, OH    |    Major: Medical Laboratory Sciences

I'm Megan and I am the Director of Alumnae Relations for Chi Omega! I help mediate between both Pi Alpha and other chapter's alumnae and our current members. Outside of school I enjoy trying new recipes I find on TikTok, reading new books, and watching movies with my roommate! I love that my sisters are adventurous and have the same passion for travel that I do. It's been amazing exploring Cincinnati with my sisters and trying new coffee shops but they also encourage me to go outside of my comfort zone!

Director of Career and Personal Development

Kirstin Schneider

Hometown: Springfield, OH    |    Major: Social Work

Hi, I'm Kirstin and for my position, I plan events that help members develop skills for their life after college outside of Chi O, both professionally and personally! Outside of Chi Omega, I love reading, hanging out with my friends, and embroidery. I love Chi O because it has provided me with an amazing group of women to call my friends and has helped me break out of my comfort zone! Three years ago, I could never have imagined being in a leadership position, but I've loved every second of it!!

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